Toward TomorrowToward Tomorrow

A Common Agenda for the Health and Environment

ninephotoblockIn 2007, nearly 100 leaders of healthcare, community development, environmental, labor and agriculture organizations began a conversation about the world we want to leave our children, and what it will take to get there within a generation.

Our starting point was an understanding of the connections between the health of the environment and the health of human beings, and a conviction that by working together, people can realize their capacity for living sustainably and in harmony. Over the course of a year, we developed a vision of the future one generation from now, set Generational Goals to be accomplished by then, and chose priority actions to lead us there.

The process of developing Generational Goals and holding decision-makers accountable to progress towards them have helped people, governments and businesses in other countries make major strides towards their visions of a sustainable future. We hope that this effort will contribute to similar success in the United States — where there is both urgent need and great opportunity for courageous decision-making by individuals and institutions — with the result of a new era of health and well-being for future generations and the natural world.


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