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The Common Agenda

Generational Goals

Generational Goal-setting has been used successfully in Europe to advance sustainability at the local and national levels.

bearsIn Sweden, the government has shifted policies and reallocated resources to achieve sixteen long-term environmental goals, among them “a non-toxic environment,” “a protective ozone layer” and “a good built environment” (see Goal-setting holds promise for overcoming roadblocks to sustainable practices, some within environmental, health and other civic organizations, some within government and some within businesses, by prompting reassessment of policies and practices in light of clear guideposts.

Goal-setting provides tools to hold decision-makers accountable. Generational Goal-setting in particular encourages a focus on and commitment to lasting solutions. In contrast to shorter-term decision-making, which operates within existing institutions or mandates, Generational Goal-setting motivates people to work across sectors where it makes sense, and to design new institutions, new technologies, as well as new legal and social frameworks that have fresh capacity to achieve a long-term vision. Generational Goal-setting has the potential to contribute to cultural shifts on the scale that is needed now.

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