Toward TomorrowToward Tomorrow

The Common Agenda — Goal 2

Vibrant Communities

One generation from now, communities across the nation are characterized by people working together to ensure social connection, a spirit of caring for one another, a healthy ecosystem, and economic vitality. Past environmental and health harms are remedied.

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Local Infrastructure Promotes Health

New community development and redevelopment programs locate homes, community centers and businesses within walking distance of one another, including retailers of healthy affordable food from regional sources. Safe biking, walking, and mass transit systems are priorities, reflected in transportation funding allocations that favor public transit over highways. Funding is used to “fix it first” by repairing existing infrastructure before beginning new construction projects. Water re-use systems encourage conservation. All electricity comes from clean, green, and renewable energy sources and from smart, distributive energy grids that are resilient, flexible, and adaptive. Government and private programs are in place to protect communities from ecological destruction related to climate change —including storms, droughts, floods, food and water shortages, and disease outbreaks—until the climate stabilizes.


Local Biodiversity is Preserved; Greenspace is Restored

Development is focused in existing towns and cities. In more rural areas, a substantial percentage of private agricultural acreage is devoted to conservation. All communities have implemented plans and measures to restore species diversity and intact habitats. Community zoning, planning and policies encourage easy access to abundant greenspace.


Communities Are Free from Toxic Chemicals

Hazardous waste disposal sites and other contaminated lands are fully remediated. Businesses understand and respect environmental and occupational regulations, and employ production practices that do not rely on hazardous substances. All transportation vehicles use renewable energy and comply with strict air quality standards. Food is produced, processed and marketed without adding toxic chemicals to the environment or the food supply. Potential sources of drinking water contamination are identified and steps taken to keep water safe and plentiful. Buildings are constructed using environmentally benign materials that are non-toxic.