Toward TomorrowToward Tomorrow

The Common Agenda — Goal 4

Protection and Restoration of Ecosystems

One generation from now, native species and ecosystem processes are conserved, restored and sustained. The United States is well on way to a 2050 target of reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80% from 1990 levels.


The Public is Engaged in the Health of Ecosystems

United States residents respect the diversity and abundance of species and ecosystems. They understand the impacts of personal consumption on ecosystem health. Through advocacy with government and businesses and through personal choices, people living in the U.S. take responsibility for minimizing harm to the planet.


Promotion of Healthy Populations is a Priority for the United States

The U.S. engages in diplomatic and educational initiatives that help stabilize population at home and across the globe. This helps ensure sufficient access to food, water, energy, and housing/habitat for all species, and minimizes impacts of human populations on ecosystems.


International Collaboration and Public Policy Stabilize the Climate and Restore Environmental Quality

The United States has demonstrated leadership at home and abroad by enacting and enforcing strong, mandatory policies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with energy development, transportation, agriculture, mining, construction and other industrial practices. Decision makers at all levels of government consider and act on the climate impacts of policies and programs. Agricultural and forestry practices that sequester carbon and reduce carbon emissions are used to their full potential. The United States provides international leadership on important global environmental concerns in addition to climate change, including persistent organic pollutants, degradation of the marine environment, and depletion of biodiversity. The United States conducts effective diplomacy on international conventions and demonstrates compliance at home.


Species Connectivity and Conservation of Habitat are Ensured

All development projects, mineral extraction, farming, ranching and fisheries prioritize the need of species to move between different habitats during different seasons and years via intact pathways in non-toxic ecosystems, ensuring the survival of all species for centuries to come.


Threats by Invasive Species are Minimal

Biodiversity and the resilience of functioning ecosystems are enhanced to decrease the threat and presence of invasive species.