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The Common Agenda

Priority Action 11

Promote Tolerance, Security, Healthy People and Ecosystems Around the World by Establishing a U.S. Department of Peace

This action requires working with the legislative and executive branches to establish a Department of Peace charged with helping to create conditions conducive to peace in the United States and around the world. The mission and strategies of the new Department of Peace would be developed by a team of individuals from in and outside the government with a broad range of backgrounds and experiences in diplomacy and violence prevention. The department would benefit from reallocation of military capacity to activities that prevent conditions conducive to war, without compromising the United States’ ability to defend itself if attacked.

Five suggested initiatives for the new Department of Peace are:

  • redirecting publicly funded military activities to support global peacekeeping operations, including supporting education and other opportunities for young people in the United States and other countries so that they do not turn to violence;
  • allocating surplus military industrial capacity — including knowledge and personnel—to advance sustainable production using clean renewable technologies. Defense research and development facilities could become Centers for Green Technology and Conflict Resolution, for example;
  • promoting mutual understanding, respect and preservation of the diverse cultures, religions, races and ethnicities throughout the world;
  • restoring environmental resources and social-public health services damaged by violent conflict;
  • providing analysis and support for policies that advance peace, for example, promoting the ratification of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty on nuclear weapons.