Toward TomorrowToward Tomorrow

The Common Agenda

Priority Action 12

Ensure Basic Education about Environment, Health, and Sustainability

This action aims to ensure that the next generation is knowledgeable about the interconnections between natural and social environments, and human and ecosystem health, and is inspired to act on their knowledge. It seeks to educate students about the role of human beings in environmental degradation and to motivate and empower them to seek solutions.

Suggested steps for promoting education about environment, health and sustainability are:

  • developing and teaching a curriculum, adapting it as appropriate for K–8, high school and university students, that includes:
    • links between the health of ecosystems and human well-being, as well as strategies for economic development that align with sustainability;
    • the basics of precaution and life-cycle analysis, so that students are competent and confident in assessing the safety, origin and future of everyday materials and products;
    • conflict resolution skills;
  • establishing a Green Conservation Corps to assist in performing health-enhancing and environmental restoration activities, and to train the next generation of skilled environment and health leaders and practitioners, compensating students with free higher education for each year of work in the Corps.