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The Common Agenda

Priority Action 2

Restart Local and National Economies by Advancing Clean Technologies and Healthy Consumer Products

This action reflects the potential for investment in clean technologies, cleaner production systems and sustainable products to provide a robust base for economic and environmental health across industrial sectors.

Policies and programs to advance clean technology, cleaner production, and healthy consumer products include:

  • providing incentives for investment in clean technologies and healthy products, including renewable and non-polluting energy, safer chemical and materials, organic and sustainable agriculture, and sustainable fish harvesting, using revenues levied on especially damaging consumer products and technologies;
  • establishing a system of rewards and incentives for innovation leading to an enhanced ability to meet basic human needs while protecting environmental quality;
  • stimulating further innovation by widely disseminating technological advances resulting from public investments;
  • developing a new integrated chemicals policy for the United States to phase out the manufacture and use of disease-causing chemicals such as carcinogens and reproductive toxicants, and to ensure the safety of all chemicals remaining in commerce through rapid decision-making and incentives for the substitution of hazardous substances by safer alternatives and green chemistry;
  • establishing a national Fund for Clean Technology Job Training and Retraining using taxes levied on polluting industries;
  • promoting decision-making and consumer choice based on precaution, full life-cycle analysis and human needs, including providing educational materials and tools for assessment and marketing;
  • establishing a Consumer Products Labeling Program to track chemicals in products, disclose on product labels all ingredients in the product, and provide life-cycle information about the impacts of the product’s ingredients and manufacturing processes on human and on ecosystem health;
  • developing publicly available databases organized by product and technology that provide more detailed environmental health and safety information about the technology and/or product during its life-cycle including: when key resources used in production and transport of the product are being extracted faster than they can reproduce themselves, whether wastes involved in production and disposal are being emitted faster than they can be absorbed, and what ecosystems and endangered species are affected.