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The Common Agenda

Priority Action 3

Celebrate Farming that Supports Human and Ecosystem Health

This action calls on consumers, local, state and federal government agencies and institutional purchasers to promote healthy farming as the bedrock of vibrant rural communities, environmental protection and a safe and healthy food supply.

Specific healthy farming steps include:

  • encouraging the development of indicators and monitoring to help conserve and restore soils, water and air quality, and reduce and sequester greenhouse gas emissions;
  • encouraging a multi-stakeholder process to decide how to measure and reward sustainability in food systems;
  • providing stronger incentives and more funding in agriculture legislation to increase food safety and security in low-income, inner-city, and rural communities while also promoting farming opportunities and the protection of biodiversity, such as the preservation and restoration of habitat and migratory corridors for fish and wildlife on private and federal lands;
  • reducing reliance on pesticides by advancing biologically-based integrated pest management, aiming for zero synthetic pesticide and fertilizer inputs within a generation;
  • identifying and reversing policies and programs that encourage monocultures, unhealthy factory farming practices and centralized ownership and control of farmland;
  • revamping agricultural subsidies to prioritize low impact, energy efficient, and climate friendly farming practices over conventional ones and promoting policies that lead to improved environmental stewardship;
  • promoting and supporting the marketing and consumption of locally grown and seasonal crops;
  • creating incentives for all people to access traditional farming livelihoods;
  • enforcing transparency and fairness in the market;
  • protecting farmers, farm and food workers, farm animals, and natural resources from exploitation by any nation, corporation, or individual.