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The Common Agenda

Priority Action 7

Develop a National Blueprint for Biodiversity Preservation

This action would create a plan for protecting biodiversity in the United States and for minimizing the impact on biodiversity in other countries of our public and private sector activities.

Suggested elements of the National Blueprint include:

  • prioritizing clean water, healthy ecosystems and biodiversity on federal and state public lands (including ocean preserves), while providing for uses that are compatible with such priorities;
  • applying National Environmental Policy Act requirements to significant private as well as public decisions;
  • prioritizing the protection of intact corridors for species that must move between habitats;
  • maintaining integrated fisheries that support genetic and species diversity while encouraging natural nutrient cycles;
  • launching a multi-faceted public relations campaign about the services provided to humans by a healthy ecosystem and a diversity of native species;
  • identifying and taking steps for reducing non-native and invasive species.