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The Common Agenda

Priority Action 9

Promote Sustainable Development Zones across America

This action calls on public and private decision-makers at the local, state and national levels to establish Sustainable Development Zones to transform dying neighborhoods into thriving centers of social connection, economic activity, and health-enhancing environments, involving residents actively in the design and implementation process.

Suggestions for specific steps to promote Sustainable Development Zones are:

  • launching initiatives to clean-up and develop degraded and vacant lands to foster environmental, health and economic sustainability;
  • using economic incentives to attract clean technology businesses;
  • supporting job training and retraining to strengthen the workforce that develops and produces clean technologies;
  • establishing viable vibrant communities using economic incentives, zoning ordinances, and other tools to ensure healthy housing, abundant greenspace, and access to healthy food and quality health care;
  • ensuring efficient and health-enhancing transportation systems, including public transportation and safe biking and walking routes.