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A Common Agenda for Health and Environment puts forward six Generational Goals to help move us towards a safe, clean, healthy, prosperous, and peaceful world for future generations. Generational goal-setting encourages a focus on and commitment to lasting solutions, and it encourages assessment of policies and practices in light of clear guideposts.

There are two ways you can support the Common Agenda:

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2. CAST YOUR VOTE to let us know which two Priority Actions you think are the most important as we develop a roadmap for a healthy future.


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Need to review A Common Agenda for Health and Environment?
Download the Common Agenda or read the Agenda online by section:

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Top Two Priority Actions

Let us know which two Priority Actions you think have the greatest potential to advance us towards the Generational Goals and a healthy future. Please select only two Actions. If you have additional comments, please let us know in the space provided.

Priority Action 1: Establish a national Council for Sustainability and Future Generations to promote action across federal agencies to restore public and ecosystem health
Priority Action 2: Restart local and national economies by advancing clean technologies and healthy consumer products
Priority Action 3: Celebrate farming that supports human and ecosystem health
Priority Action 4: Promote energy security and independence with an agenda for renewable energy and efficiency
Priority Action 5: Promote Rights to a healthy environment and accountability for environmental injustices
Priority Action 6: Harness the market to enhance human and ecosystem health
Priority Action 7: Develop a national blueprint for biodiversity preservation
Priority Action 8: Focus health and human services on disease prevention and health promotion
Priority Action 9: Promote sustainable development zones across America
Priority Action 10: Promote corporate accountability for community and workplace health and safety
Priority Action 11: Promote tolerance, security, healthy people and ecosystems around the world by establishing a U.S. Department of Peace
Priority Action 12: Ensure basic education about environment, health, and sustainability


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